Rep. Ron Marsico represents the 105th Legislative District in Pennsylvania, which includes Lower Paxton, South Hanover and West Hanover Townships.

First elected to the state House of Representatives in 1988.

Senior Dauphin County House member.

Dean of the 25 member, eight county South Central Caucus.

Wrote 33 bills that have become law - including cracking down on unwanted invasions of privacy, creating safe havens for unwanted infants at Pennsylvania hospitals and increasing penalties for raping a child under the age of 13.
Public safety, job creation and improving transportation have been top priorities for Ron.

To make highways safer, Ron helped bring millions of dollars in new state funding for better and safer roads and bridges and to reduce traffic congestion. He also helped get funding for noise barriers to enhance the quality of life for people along Interstate 81.

Ron has supported legislation addressing business tax reform and private sector infrastructure development. He would like to level the playing field for job creators, improve the business climate, encourage businesses to stay here and create family sustaining jobs.

Ron makes it a priority to work on laws protecting children, crime victims and the vulnerable. His legislation created the Task Force on Child Protection, which led to vast changes to the way that Pennsylvania protects children. He spearheaded legislation to improve Pennsylvania’s sexual offender registration statute, commonly known as Megan’s Law. His work deterred the cyberbullying of children, and expanded anti-hazing laws to protect children in secondary schools. He authored legislation, known as the Safe Haven Law, to allow parents to relinquish newborns to hospitals without criminal charges. Ron also created a new type of protective order for victims of sexual offenses.

Throughout his legislative career and as chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Ron has focused on public safety. His laws increased the number of cadets in the Pennsylvania State Police so that more troopers would be available to patrol Pennsylvania and investigate crime, toughened the death penalty, strengthened laws punishing heroin dealers, and modernized Pennsylvania’s Wiretap Act so that police can better investigate and stop crime.

Ron also played an instrumental role in the passage of the Medical Marijuana Act. He authored the first comprehensive bill in the House of Representatives permitting the medicinal use of marijuana, played an integral role in the development of the legislation which is now law as part of the House’s Task Force on Medical Marijuana, and was the primary voice advocating for the law through the hours and days of debate on the House floor in March and April 2016.

Ron’s most recent legislation to become law made the cyber bullying of a child a punishable offense. This would include the use of electronic communications to repeatedly make statements or offer opinions about a child’s sexuality or sexual activity or make statements about a child’s physical characteristics or mental health that are intended to and would cause serious emotional distress to a child.

He also sponsored legislation recently to update the Adam Walsh Act, which is the law that provides for a national sex offender registry and fought for the implementation of legislation that closed loopholes in Pennsylvania’s Megan’s Law.

Currently serves as Majority Chair of the House Judiciary Committee.

Involved in the development of Heroes Gove, an amphitheater which honors veterans, emergency responders, law enforcement personnel, educators and ordinary citizens who have demonstrated their dedication to our communities, the Commonwealth and to our nation.

Graduate of Bishop McDevitt High School and The Ohio State University.

Served in the United States Army Reserves.

He and his wife, Elaine, have two children, Kelly and Wayde, and four grandchildren

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